abstract paintings

July 2, 2018

This post is about one of my other (non-jewellery) creative outlets, abstract painting... back in January I posted briefly about another, life drawing, so go check out that brief blog if it is of interest to you. 

My paintings started out as media/colour/texture explorations while still at college and university; as my interests refined and I pursued jewellery they became more of a stepping stone in my design process... I would initially use paints as a way to build up a style / colour palette / textures that then evolved into how i would create form and colour in my jewellery pieces... however, nowadays it is purely a fun relaxation exercise for me. i find it relaxing.

Chances for "me time" that are not work related are few and far between, as my time is usually shared out between running a business and parenting young children, so when i do get a chunk of time to spend alone sometimes the paints call to me and it is super relaxing to have a chance to express myself creatively. 





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