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July 24, 2018



So, I've always been one of these people who question why there is a need for end of year teacher gifts, of course it's nice to give a card or craft item from your child if you want, but I see it becoming a social expectation for families to fork out on an array of personalised items just for the sake of it.  


When my son left his London nursery school last summer I was perplexed as to WHY everyone felt it necessary to chip in to pay for spa vouchers for the teachers as well as most families also bringing in their personal additional offerings of plants and edibles (and also HOW they could afford to gift so much, especially when they had more than one child at more than one childcare/school) and I have to admit that I politely declined the request for an *optional* donation which was met with much surprise and several disapproving looks by other mothers (quite relieved to know that we wouldn't see those exact faces again as we were moving to Cambridgeshire over the summer holidays). My reasons were twofold - firstly, we simply couldn't afford to gift luxurious items; so it was more a matter of prioritising our spending, putting the money towards other things for my son and younger daughter. Secondly, the staff were friendly/qualified and I felt they were all doing their job well enough, but equally felt disappointed that they hadn't grasped how to help my son overcome some of his sensory sensitivities and anxiety issues....so I felt that a "goodbye" card was sufficient thanks.


This year, however, was my son's first year of formal schooling and today marks the end of his time in "early years" ...and low and behold, I dropped him off this morning accompanied by a whole batch of teacher gifts! 


"HYPOCRITE" I hear you roar....... 


Well, my daughter (although missing her final week in her preschool class due to chicken pox) did not take in gifts. I was very pleased with her preschool overall and certainly would have gifted a home-made card and cupcake for her key-worker should we have been in; and next year we will most likely do that and give some other baked goods for the rest of the preschool staff to share, should our experiences stay the same, as she will then be saying goodbye and moving on to primary school like her brother... 


So why have I favoured my son's teachers this year?! Well, simply because they have truly exceeded my expectations! They work hard, not only to do 'their jobs', but also to ensure my son has the best experience possible (socially, academically, and even at home). My son has come so far while under their guidance... I had previously considered deferring his start of school, or even potentially home-schooling for a while, as I was concerned about how he would develop in mainstream education - I had no need to worry as thanks to his teacher, key worker, and the rest of the school staff, his confidence, social skills, and physical abilities have blossomed DRAMATICALLY! My son LOVES his teachers, so much so that he wanted to call his pet fishes after them and wanted to invite them to his birthday party... He has such a special bond with them, that HE wanted to do something special for them. He had also been asking to come to my studio and make some more jewellery a lot recently, so it seemed only logical to combine the two ideas together. 


...and VOILA...


So, he spent several afternoons in my studio, hand-forging two solid sterling silver bangles with a special thank you message inside; one for his teacher and one for his key-worker. And for the rest of the staff we had a family baking afternoon where we made Peanut butter biscuits, Rolo rocky road, and Biscoff fudge which we then boxed up for them to share....

(plus we have lots of leftovers - YUM!)



Of course, if you find yourself in a position such as mine where you WANT to create a special something for a teacher (or anyone else for that matter) then we can certainly chat through any ideas you have for a bespoke commission, personalised or otherwise.... from bangles to pendants, keyrings to hanging decorations, basically anything made from precious metals that will hopefully stand out from the crowd of mugs, coasters, bookmarks and pot plants I have seen all over social media lately. 






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