More changes to come...

March 11, 2019

So, as a mum-of-two as well as being self-employed, life for me is always a juggling act... 

I became self-employed when my daughter was 7 months old, and my son was 2.5 years. 

The early stages were tricky - i took things slow and steady... I gradually built up a small selection of stock, I only took on very limited commissions which had long timescales and I would work on these one step at a time in short bursts at night in between frequent wakings and feeds. Gradually as the children grew I got more time to work at night - these early stages were so tiring, but so vital. 

After a few months we moved house, our son started going to nursery part-time and our daughter was becoming a bit more independant... our routine changed a bit; I would have mornings as a mum at home with my two littlies, afternoons were spent juggling my youngest and my admin work, evenings were family time, and at night I was out in the studio doing physical work. 

Time went on, we moved again, our eldest started school, our youngest then started part-time preschool; routine adapted again - mornings juggling admin and youngest, afternoons child-free in the studio / meeting clients, evenings for family, nights doing admin or in the studio. 

Last autumn, things adapted once more... Mondays were designated for time with my youngest, Tuesday-Friday she went to preschool while my eldest was also at school, so I then had 4 days of child-free time to work... admin/making/clients. meaning I didn't need to do late nights anymore (except in school holidays when things inevitably went totally bonkers). 


BUT we have recently discovered that our routine will change yet again... 



Things have been hard over the last couple of months; and going forward I will be continuing to work, but taking on fewer jobs and giving generous timescales. The cut off date for any jobs will be the end of May, to ensure they are all tied up before the end of the school term. I will then be focussing on our current two children over the summer holidays, before the madness of four begins just before the new school term. 




I will, of course, update everyone in the new year with how we are getting on, and how I plan to progress on with the business (including when I plan to start taking on commissions again). Current stock items will remain available to purchase throughout my maternity leave, though please do allow longer processing and delivery times. 

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More changes to come...

March 11, 2019

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