Christmas recipes! YUM

December 3, 2018

Now, this is not a jewellery post - my social media news feeds are full of adverts, gift guides, and other such malarkey, so I thought I would share something else instead... 

These are two recipes that my kids and I bake EVERY year without fail, sometimes in varying designs, but usually as described below; they are a huge hit with our friends & family, our neighbours (we drop a few nibbles off to a handful of neighbours on Christmas eve), and even the children's teachers.


...easy peasy but super scrummy...



This recipe is from Jane's Patisserie, and we haven't adapted it at all - except for decoration...



1 tin (397g) Condensed Milk

300g white chocolate chips

300g biscoff spread (like the recipe suggestion, I also prefer the crunch one - i have used the smooth once, but the finished consistency was slightly less desirable)

25g unsalted butter

100g icing sugar, sifted

125g lotus biscuits, chopped up. This is optional, but it's certainly better with them! you don't necessarily need so much, but definitely add at least some! 



1, line a tin with greaseproof baking paper (or use a silicone mould). 

2, add chocolate, condensed milk, biscoff spread and butter to a heavy based pan and melt on a low heat, stirring often. 

3, once melted and combined, add the icing sugar and mix well; this can take some beating. add in the biscuits if using, and stir well before pouring into your prepared tray and smoothing the top.We add edible gold glitter and white chocolate stars to the surface of ours before popping in the fridge to set! 

4, allow to set in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours. remove from tray, cut into 1" cubes, then return to the fridge for a couple more hours until completely set. 





This is an adaptation of Nigella Lawson's recipe; her recipe is lovely, but my kids prefer our tweaks...



200g dark chocolate

200g milk chocolate (the original quantities work well, but this is easier for me as it's then a bar of each without excess left over for me to scoff). 

175g softened butter

4 tablespoons golden syrup

200g biscuits (we usually use shortbread, but digestives are another option... i liked the amaretti biscuits as suggested but my littlies did not), broken/bashed into different sized rubble. 

100g mixed chopped nuts

50g brazil nuts (shelled, and finely chopped/bashed)

150g glace cherries

125g mini marshmallows

50g dried cranberries 

zest of one orange

white chocolate & edible shimmer to decorate



1, prep all ingredients: including bashing the biscuits/nuts into rubble, zesting the orange, chopping the chocolate, and halving/quartering the cherries. 

2, In a heavy based pan over a gentle heat, melt together the chocolate, butter and syrup. 

3, take the pan off the heat and add all the other ingredients (except those for decorations), mixing and turning carefully to coat everything in the chocolatey-syrupy mixture. 

4, scoop into a foil tray / lined tin / silicone tray (or if you are making a "christmas pudding" like us use a lined bowl)

5. leave to softly set for 1.5-2hrs if you are cutting it into pieces (or for a minimum of 3-4hrs if creating a "christmas pudding"). 

6, if creating bars, dust with sifted icing sugar before cutting and returning to the fridge until ready to serve. (If you are creating a "christmas pudding" then remove from bowl and sit it on a plate -flat side down. melt some white chocolate, pour over the top. dust with edible shimmer and garnish with one remaining glace cherry - or any berry/leaf decorations you have. return to the fridge. remove from the fridge 30mins or so before serving). 



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