If you have white gold that is looking discoloured, then it is likely that the rhodium plating is wearing off.

On the high-street almost all white gold is plated with another precious metal called Rhodium; this is purely for aesthetics - it gives it a brighter white appearance more like platinum and palladium. After time, this plating wears off to reveal the natural colour of the white gold (9ct is a creamy warm white, 18ct is a darker grey tone). If you choose to have your jewellery re-plated (again, you don't have to, it is just about the way it looks... you can also choose to have it stripped off so it stays the natural colour all over instead, it just depends what kind of look/style you like best) then we can certainly get that sorted for you. 

Your jewellery will be scrubbed up, buffed (4 grades of papers, then 3 grades of burrs), polished (3 grades of polishing compound), another good scrub up, then finally the layer of rhodium plating will be added on top.


The price and end-result is dependant on the size and condition of the jewellery, for example, a larger item with many deep marks will be the upper end of the scale as more work is involved. 


Not all items will end up looking "as-new" due to the depth of marks, but we will certainly get the best results possible without compromising the durability of the piece. 


Please note, this cost is without shipping; if you require return postage please contact our team. You will also need to get your jewellery to us - if you are posting, we would suggest sending it in an appropriate manner (ie, special delivery would be insured and tracked; it would be solely your responsibility to get your items to us safely). 



one small item £40, two small items £60, three small items £75, four small items £85. 

Prices for items other than rings (or similar size/complexity as rings) are available upon request. 

RHODIUM PLATING (inc buff & polish)