We are currently in the planning and prepping stage, but when ready we will be offering a lovely little set of items to keep your jewellery in top notch condition! 

Each will consist of a soft bamboo toothbrush, a jar of eco-friendly washing up liquid, and a soft cloth to dry and buff your jewellery; all enclosed within branded packaging (we are ironing out the details, but this will be either biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable). 

Though simple, these are the items we use in the studio and what we recommend in our "aftercare" information; they are a great way to keep your jewellery sparkling bright. 

They are also a far greener option than a traditional plastic toothbrush and some of the alternative washing up liquids which contain chemicals/products that can cause damage to the environment (particularly ocean-life!), so why not give them a go?! 

jewellery cleaning set