Silver rings with sections layered with enamel; adorned with pearls and semi-precious cabochon cut gemstones. The aim of the collection is for the rings to look as though they have been submerged under the sea for a long time and thus becoming decorated with the textures and colours of the sea.


Hand sculpted silver rings with added detail such as subtle enamelling and/or oxidisation; including semi-precious gemstones which aim to accentuate the textures and add a touch of colour. Inspired by textures relating to rust, corrosion, chains, barnacles, deteriorating wood etc.


Inspired by elements found under the sea, this collection is formed of simple silver rings encased within layers of enamel. The enamels have been applied and fired in a non-traditional way to create interesting colour combinations and unusual textures which reflect those found in and around the ocean.


This selection of jewellery has been crafted from sterling silver and includes handmade silver "barnacle" detailing which are also adorned with areas of enamel to add an unusual colour/texture. Clearly drawing inspiration from Kathleen Jacksons main muse - the sea. 


Kathleen Jackson has always been fascinated by pearls, and so this collection was somewhat inevitable.

This series of classically styled silver jewellery utilises clean lines and elegant forms to accentuate the beauty and simplicity of each individual pearl.

Touch of gold

Drawing inspiration from the constrasting colours in the "Erosion" collection, this series is made  of mixed metal jewellery. Predominantly sterling silver with 9ct yellow gold, there are also other metal combinations, such as rose, yellow, and white golds. All using precious and semi-precious gemstones for added detail. 


Inspired by darkness itself, this collection showcases sterling silver jewellery with black coloured metal and/or gemstones. The blackened silver forms have been either oxidised or plated with black rhodium; and hold stones such as diamond, sapphire, onyx, hematite, and pearls. 


This series is made up of silver bands with hand pierced decorative edges inspired by eroding coast lines; adorned in a variety of ways, all of which aim to enhance the edging detail. Some are mixed metals, others mixed finishes, and even a couple encrusted with gemstones.