End of May is the cut-off date for taking on new bespoke commissions to ensure they are completed before Kathleen's maternity leave at the end of July.

From then we will not be taking on new commissions until further notice, but current stock items will remain available throughout. 


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Get in touch to let us know what you are wanting to create; whether you have specific design details in mind or just that you want a particular type of piece - ie, engagement ring - or even, that you simply want to commission "something". 


We will then arrange a no-obligation design consultation via phone/skype/email or if you would rather meet face-to-face then that can also be arranged. 

It is helpful, though not essential, to have a budget by this stage so we can ensure we can give you more relevant information and design suggestions tailored to you. 

During the consultation we will cover aspects such as styles, metals, gemstones, settings, sizes and finishes; gradually building a picture of what you are after. Your designer will then compose a selection of design sketches for you and work out the relevant prices for them; if necessary, the next step is to work together developing these further until the perfect design is created. 

We require a 50% deposit to begin creating your bespoke order, the balance of which is due upon completion - approximately 6-8 weeks later. Our team will give you a full update about half way through the construction process and will let you know as soon as your bespoke jewellery is ready - packaged in one of our eco friendly boxes,  nestled in our branded bag along with your own information packs containing your invoice, a valuation certificate, aftercare advice, to scale hand drawn sketches of your custom design, and a polishing cloth.

Each design consultation can last up to 1.5 hours when meeting in person, though is generally much shorter when discussing things via phone/skype/email. You can prepare for the informal meeting as much or as little as you want; if there are any jewellery designs you are drawn to or other images that you would like to use as inspiration then you can show them to your designer at the consultation or, if you are feeling proactive, you can send them via email in advance; alternatively, you can request access to a private personalised Pinterest board which can be set up for you (and anyone else of your choosing whom also has a Pinterest account) to build a collection of relevant imagery. 


The great thing about a bespoke item is that it is all about you – so whether you want to draw influences from your relationship, hobbies, interests, or simply colours you like to wear, then that is what we will do; however, if you are unsure where to begin, or even what type of jewellery item you would like, please do not worry as we have plenty of experience in developing the right design to meet your individual personality and lifestyle.


Be assured that we will walk you through it, one step at a time!

Here at Kathleen Jackson Jewellery, we are keen on supporting local businesses, and as we don't hold meetings in our studio we often reach out to local alternatives - for those travelling to see us, it's usually "Wyboston Lakes" as it is so close to the motorway, but for those based in St.Neots it can be easier to pop in to "Bohemia" (lovely coffee and delicious food!) or the recently opened "Art & Soul" (a great cafe combined with an art gallery).